Monday, November 9, 2015

Roadtrip Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is something that I go in and out of. I know people who print photos on the regs, crop, corner cut, cricket, sticker it, stencil and stamp 24/7 365. They have these beautifully organized craft rooms dedicated solely to scrapbooking. They have shelves with scrapbooks for every birthday, holiday, vacation and milestone going back seemingly forever. [Okay, I only know one person like that but I watch a lot of YouTube and spend a fair amount of time on Pinterest. My beautiful craft room is co-inhabited by a boy who's under the impression that it's shared office!?] 
I admire those who choose a craft and stay loyal to it. When it comes to artistic hobbies, I have serious commitment issues. I'm cursed with the excessive need to dabble! However, when I do happen to dabble in scrapbooking my style tends to be more collage-based than the clean layouts that I see on a lot of blogs and in books. There was a time when I had a corner cropper handy at a moment's notice, but now I prefer torn edges and irregular page designs.
I made this scrapbook for my fiance's birthday. This was our journey from Dallas to Salt Lake City in early 2014 before we actually moved here. At the time he was still deciding how to rank his residency choices; so, we were checking out a few of the possibilities over spring break.


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