Sunday, September 27, 2015

Making a house a HOME

Moving my entire life across several states was a tad overwhelming at times. I arrived in Salt Lake City about two months ago to a house (and basement) full of untouched boxes and furniture. Ryan, my fiancĂ©, who was already living in SLC knew better than to attempt unpacking anything without my supervision (he's a keeper). But that left a lot of work and a lot of nesting to be done. I attribute much of the unpacking to my best friend Megan who endured the long road trip with me and my dog, Luna. She knows me and how overwhelmed I can get when there are massive tasks to complete. "no breaks!" "finish that box" "fill that cabinet!" She was a great coach--thank you Megan! <3 

Any who...Two months in and I've completed shamefully little when it comes to decorating or "making our house a home." I was really in a rut. So, what does anyone who's not living under rock do when they are in ANY type of rut? Pinterest. Pinterest can be kind of a rabbit hole sometimes--I feel like I've lost years of my life to it, you know? But one thing led to another and somehow I stumbled upon Natalie Creates. Once I saw her house featured here, I couldn't be stopped. I literally drove to Target minutes before they closed to pick up these shelves. I assure you I didn't need to buy a single thing to go on them. I've always had an abundance of knick-knacks. Many can attest to that! There's just been a shortage on places to keep and display them--until now! I may or may not have two more shelves on the way...

She has an amazing little coffee bar too. So that woman in Napoleon Dynomite who's being swindled by Uncle Rico, I thought to myself "I waaant thaat." I actually had almost everything to complete this. This desk (my pride and joy) was $15 at a goodwill in Austin. Only in Austin, Texas would you find thrifted items that are already "hipsterized." The only thing I purchased was this interesting three tier shelf that I found at a antique mall here in Salt Lake. I do plan on refinishing it at some point but I was far too impatient to wait to set it up.

The following was just residual creativity derived from drooling over Natalie Creates house and her amazing Instagram.

Stay tuned to see what I'm working on. I'm planing on opening up an Etsy shop soon!

Thanks for reading.

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